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Botanical Buttons

Botanical Buttons

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Round flower and plant-filled buttons planted on a tree-free, seeded paper card (which you can plant to grow wild flowers). 

Select from:

  • A complete set with fern leaf (1 daisy, 1 pansy, 1 fern, 1 Queen Anne's lace, 1 forget-me-not)
  • A complete set with rose petal (1 daisy, 1 pansy, 1 tea rose petal, 1 Queen Anne's lace, 1 forget-me-not)

Each button measures approximately 1.25 inches. Perfect for adorning sweaters, coats, tops, or anything else your wild heart could desire. 

    Each button is unique. You will receive a complementary selection with different embedded botanical accoutrements. We unfortunately cannot accommodate custom requests for buttons. 

    Please note that our jewelry and accessories are made from real flowers. There will be slight variances in size, shape, and color from the flowers shown online. Flowers may change in color with exposure to sunlight and with the times. It's nature's way of showing you love!

    While our buttons are generally safe for machine washing, we strongly encourage you to use them for items that do not require frequent washing, or are hand-wash only. Olivia's suggestions include: a silk blouse, embellishing a jacket pocket.

    Learn about how to plant our seed paper here.


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