About Dauphinette


Meet the Happiest Brand on Earth! Dauphinette was created in 2018 by Olivia Cheng. Each piece is created (or recreated) in New York using recycled fur and leather, plus the most magical vintage and artisanal components. Our pieces are powerful, complex, and optimistic-- a feeling we hope to inspire in you!
In French, Dauphin refers to the king's eldest son, i.e. heir to the throne. Coupled with the traditionally feminine suffix -ette, this symbol of the old feudalistic order takes on new agency.


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Intern at Dauphinette- Dauphinette is currently seeking hardworking, enthusiastic, and flexible Summer 2019 interns in the following areas: Production, Digital. NYC-based, 2-3 days a week preferable. If you're interested, send an email with your resumé & cover letter, telling us why you'd be the perfect fit: info@dauphinette.com