DAUPHINETTE teams recycled fur and leather with other vintage and artisanal components. We are committed to minimizing waste and creating positive impacts in the small communities (and big cities) where they matter most.


Making Fur & Leather Ethical

People have been wearing and passing down fur and leather for over 170,000 years. The same certainly cannot be said for polyurethane (which is essentially plastic), the acrylic fiber used in most fake fur and leather.

Unfortunately, your grandma's furs have always looked a bit outdated. Your uncle's Harley jacket from his "glory days" isn't half as cool as your high school self had thought. Both are ill-fitting, and maybe they smell weird. I get it.

So here is a proposition: why don't we repurpose fur and leather components, instead of creating new waste just copying vintage silhouettes?

Real fur and leather is warmer, more insulating, and longer-wearing. Being naturally occuring, it's also incredibly tenacious, which means that even older styles can be kept to use, decades after the garment was first created. 

So tell your vegan friends: this is fur and leather they can get behind.