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Baguette d'Hortensia Lamp

Baguette d'Hortensia Lamp

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Dauphinette x PAMPSHADE

In collaboration with our friend Yukiko Morita at Pampshade, a limited batch Baguette d'Hortensia [hydrangeas]!

Crafted from real, surplus bread-- baked, hollowed, and reimagined into a delightful lamp in Japan. Coated in an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, eco-friendly resin.

LED AC cord with a lifetime of 50,000+ hours. Plugs into the wall. Has hook on back for easy hanging. 

Approx 20" length. Each one unique.

Baked and handmade in Japan! Very limited batch.

If you would like to order this item for in-store pickup email us at and we would be happy to coordinate this for you.

Preorders will ship beginning October 20.


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