Story (French translation)

la nouvelle élégance des trésors antiques
reconstruit et transformé pour vous
par olivia cheng


Pour les gens qui aiment vintage, les explorateurs avides des effets du temps, and the people wondering how we plan to make it out of the 21st century anyways: welcome to my small, coat-packed corner of the world.

Together, we're challenging the way the fashion industry defines "luxury." Why should it necessitate a waste of resources? We're ultimately responsible for this world-- the people and plants and things around us. This is your story as much as it is mine, and Dauphinette is the most beautiful way I could think of for us to tell it.

born in paris,

Located between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, le Marais is easily the loveliest Parisian neighborhood. It's home to the city's best falafel, where low, classically architected buildings dripping in ivy grow down narrow cobblestone paths lined with centuries of vintage shops. Here, you can discover the original inspiration for Dauphinette; a conglomeration of glamorous fur heirlooms, interwoven between my bizarre, romantic interpretations for modern wearing-- born for wherever the world takes you.


raised in new york, 

It's the perfect balance of gritty, spit-in-your-face reality and impressionistic daydreaming. From late nights sewing and sanding in my apartment on the Lower East Side, to battling the hoards of people spilling in and out of the Garment District at rush hour, imagining and realizing Dauphinette has been somewhat of a mosaic: collaging moments, discoveries, and the metaphorical cut-and-paste that fills the space between my imagination and our result.

thank you for reading :) 




special thanks to these incredible people:

my mom

roxy hervé, maria, kasumi, and davvinya <3