Downtown Charm Garden Bracelet

Downtown Charm Garden Bracelet

Utter downtown charm. Dazzling, enchanting, yet never pretentious-- something truly one-of-a-kind. A triad of real flowers preserved in tree resin, set along a Sterling Silver-plated brass chain from a vintage supply. We estimate this chain to date from the 1980s, and it has been lovingly restored in our Brooklyn studio.

Comes on a wildflower seed paper card. You can plant it to grow flowers.

Flowers will vary. You may receive different flowers from the ones shown. We will make the best selection for you as possible. If you have particularities, please email us within two hours of your purchase.

Please note that our jewelry is made from real flowers. There will be slight variances in size, shape, and color from the flowers shown online. Flowers may change in color with exposure to sunlight and with the times. It's nature's way of showing you love!

Learn about how to plant our seed paper here.